Improvement and Spatial extension of the European Fish Index (EFI+)

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EFI+ Consortium

The EFI+ team consists of 14 official partners from 13 countries. In addition, the Netherlands and Lithuania participate in the project with national funds. Furthermore, several partner institutions are integrated to the EFI+ group on a national level for data delivery and data computation.

EFI+ Consortium

University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
EFI+ team: Stefan Schmutz (Project Coordinator), Gertrud Haidvogl, Andreas Melcher, Rafaela Schinegger, Clemens Trautwein, Christian Frangez, Herwig Waidbacher

European Commission
Joint Research Centre, Institute for Environment and Sustainability
EFI+ team: Wouter van den Bund, Niels Jepsen

Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute
EFI+ team: Teppo Vehanen, Tapio Sutela

Cemagref – Agricultural and environmental engineering research
EFI+ team: Didier Pont, Pierry Bady, Maxime Logez, Jerome Belliard

Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries
EFI+ team: Christian Wolter, Thomas Klefoth

Hortobágyi Halgazdaság Rt.
EFI+ team: Bela Halasi-Kovacs, Peter Gabor

Aquaprogram s.r.l
EFI+ team: Giuseppe Maio, Enrico Marconato

Institute of Ecology,
EFI+ team: Tomas Virbickas

EFI+ team: Tom Buijse, Marco Beers

Inland Fisheries Institute in Olsztyn
EFI+ team: Piotr Debowski, Pawel Prus, Wieslaw Wisniewolski

Technical University of Lisbon, Agronomy Institute – Forest Department
EFI+ team: Teresa Ferreira, Jose Silva Santos, Pedro Segurado

The Bacau University, Biology Department
EFI+ team: Klaus Battes, Karina Battes

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Hydrobiology Laboratory - Forestry School
EFI+ team: Diego Garcia de Jalon, Javier Gortazar, Joaquin Solana

Institute of Freshwater Research– Swedish Board of Fisheries
EFI+ team: Patrick Bohman, Ulrika Beier, Berit Seers, Jonas Pettersson

Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
EFI+ team: Armin Peter, Eva Schager

United Kingdom
University of Hull, International Fisheries Institute
EFI+ team: Ian Cowx, Richard Noble



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